Monday, August 11, 2008

Last night's dinner ...

The menu was a selection of vegetarian, Halal (Islamic Kosher), and Celiac appropriate foods:
- spinach salad with fresh strawberries, kiwi, and almonds with a lemon-honey dressing
- tabhouli made with brown rice rather than bulgar
- five bean salad
- bean casserole with cheese and tomato sauce
- garden fresh yellow beans in dill
- hummus
- baba ghanouj
- fresh fruit
- baked wild BC salmon in a brown sugar, soya sauce and onion glaze

The guests were Syed Soharwardy and his three travelling companions on the Multi-faith Walk against Violence, as well as my co-worker and her son.

Syed, Hassaan, Yasir and Haris came for dinner and a visit before we headed down town for a planned gathering at Brandon's Helping Hands Soup Kitchen to help spread the word of his cross Canada walk to raise awareness on the issue of violence of EVERY kind in our world ...

The conversation around a tiny very CROWDED living room was delightful ... nine people packed in a space that is 10' x 12' could have been uncomfortable, but a good time was had by all ... and no one left the table with an empty tummy ...

Downtown after dinner, Syed did interviews with a variety of media outlets in the Brandon area before heading to the City Hall grounds to participate in the vigil to honour Tim McLean ...

Best Wishes Syed, on your walk, and on raising awareness of this important issue ...

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Shawn; great shot of the back of my daughter's head!! Ilene