Sunday, July 07, 2013

Our Grand Opening - July 6th 2013 !!!

And so it begins ... or rather continues ...

Highland Grounds opened its doors on June 1st 2013, and has been running since.

Yesterday we held our Grand Opening and with the help of the Duncan family, who built the Duncan Block we call home in 1932, local politicians and dignitaries, and members of my family, we cut the ribbon and officially opened our doors for business.

A crowd of thirty to forty people came and helped us celebrate by tucking into the enormous 29 INCH chocolate chip cookie, the massive rice crispie square, and the GORGEOUS cake prepared by local baker Bonnie B.

Coffee and conversation flowed all evening as the shop ebb'ed and flow'ed with people, and lots of folks came and went offering thier best wishes and leaving after having tried the very best coffee we have to offer!

The evening ended with a fabulous musical coffee house with an assortment of local talent and lots of good music, great coffee and fantastic conversation.

All in all, it was a good way to kick off this crazy new venture ... it is truly a journey JUST BEGUN!!!