Tuesday, March 16, 2010

An amazing gesture of kindness and care in the face of tragedy!!

Preston Family Urges Donations to the Phams (cbc.ca/news)

This morning when I found this story item online I had to smile - it's nice to see that the family of Officer Pham is being offered this quiet and thoughtful gesture on the part of the family of his killer.

Given the current emphasis (which I support) on ensuring that the families of our fallen soldiers are given support for education and so on as they wrestle with thier loss, it is equally important to remember the families of fallen police, peace, and other emergency personell who die on duty too.

Frequently, when the media spotlight passes from the family of the fallen on to other new exciting stories, they are left with lives turned upside down, and little support either financial or emotional. The assumption is that these families will be looked after following the death of thier member, but the reality is too often anything but. A little bit of extra help would have likely made a HUGE difference to my own family.

Today though, there are three young boys who have joined a family of men and women of varying ages who have lost their parents to what is easily dubbed the "ultimate sacrifice" and too often they are simply forgotten.

The Preston family have shown great class in this small gesture, that apparently was a request in the funeral notice for donations to the Pham family ... my hope is that it will help remind our Political leadership, and all of us not to forget those of us who have suffered the loss of a parent through the "ultimate sacrifice" on duty.

There are over 730 names etched on the memorial in Ottawa ... and there are dozens of sons and daughters who have struggled every day of thier lives because of a tragic death ... they deserve to be remembered too.

They are our family ...

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