Thursday, January 26, 2012

Random thoughts on a Thursday morning ....

From the "Things to make you go hmmmm ..." department:

- how do you know when Blue Cheese has gone bad?

- can sour cream really go bad?

- would the people who flip me the bird and tell me to 'f--- off!!' in front of my house when they are SPEEDING, come to Church and say the same thing to my face?

- why is EVERYONE getting tatoos and piercings to express their individuality?

- who was the first person to figure out how to successfully MAKE coffee and tea? (and WHY??)

- how have computers saved us time? and paper? and stress? (SERIOUSLY !!??)

- why do we spend so much time, energy and money to consult 'experts' from outside only to have them arrive and tell us what we ALREADY know? What ever happened to good old common sense?

- why do we worship and diefy celebrities, movie actors, and sports stars, only to react so harshly when they start to believe the press and act badly?

- why do we seek solace in shopping and rampant consumerism only to marvel at reality shows like "Hoarders" and "Storage Wars" where people are overwhelmed by too much stuff ?

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