Thursday, June 07, 2012

An A-Ha Moment !!!

I was feeling very very very cynical today as I read the news sites I visit each morning and getting caught up on the United Church chatter on various websites ...

Then our minister emeritus Rev. Doyle stopped by and we had a chat ... along the way Doyle offered an off handed observation that not only resonated with me, it summarized nicely much of what I've been feeling lately.

Doyle noted that when things like Medicare were brought into being in our country, the politicians and the leaders of the day had a sense of the Common Good that motivated them. We talked about Trudeau and Douglas and even folks like Diefenbaker and Stanfield and noted they were NOT motivated by greed and profit, but by making the Society better for EVERYONE not just the select few.

While we lamented the current state of things, we noted that there are some glimmerings of the common good out there if we look hard enough.

But what I realized today, or rather was reminded of, was that the problem is not in me - the problem is in the incredibly selfish approach our society has taken. We no longer look for the common good or for the welfare of others, but have instead embraced and embodied the foolish values of the "Me Generation" that looks out only for one's self.

Fortunately, there are those glimmering people and places that keep alive the flame of the Common Good, and in time those sparks will reignite and bring us back to what's important ... the Social Gospel may been down, but it is definitely NOT out!!!!

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