Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ain't that the truth ...

One week of holidays down ... and more than a couple to go ...

I haven't made plans for anything big or momentous for my holidays. The highlights so far have been a break in at Scottie's bush with the loss of tools, various items and one of the atv's, then a couple of days later Beetle arrived from BC to spend the summer sweltering in hot, humid and muggy Southern Ontario.

Since her arrival, we haven't really done very much ... dinner out a couple of times, some shopping expeditions, watching some videos, and splashing in the pool ... but, it has been wonderful to have her home, and to have her around.

Looking back on the week that has been, I can't help but wonder if the quiet start of my holidays is a good reminder of Vonnegut's astute observation about the little things in life being the most meaningful and important.

For me, I've tried in the last few years to focus on living in the present moment and appreciating what I am surrounded with ... I've had some epic failures in this, but by and large have continued to try to actively and openly appreciate the things around me in the present moment.

Admittedly, I've let some things slip through my fingers, and I have a few 'little things' that I failed to appreciate adequately until after they were gone ... but I will continue to try.

This spring I planted a number of gardens in my yard and have been enjoying the process of watering, weeding, and otherwise tending them as they grow ... yesterday Beetle and I enjoyed the first ripe radishes, and I savoured the sweetness of a vine ripened cherry tomato enjoyed standing in the late afternoon sun ... the simple patient act of tending a garden is an ongoing reminder of life's little things ...

Looking forwards and backwards, I am mindful today not so much of life's little things, but of the importance of better appreciating those so-called little things, and valuing them better before they have slipped away, and it is too late ... good friends, good food, good conversation ... the list is pretty long ... and today, I'll try to continue doing better at appreciating them!

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