Thursday, August 30, 2012

Scenes from my summer ...

Just some random shots of my summer:

Creative advertising using Dad's vintage John Deere 110

Beetle and L outside of the Much Music Studios
in downtown Toronto on a rainy afternoon!!

Noahkila, S and L outside the Much Music Studios
(yes, they ARE filming in the background!!)

The absolutely spectacular stained glass dome 
in the Grand Hall at the 
Hockey Hall of Fame!!! 

The hallowed Lord Stanley's Cup (the REAL one)
complete with some one's name!!!


Beetle and I with Lord Stanley's Cup 
(or at least one of them!!??)

Beetle outside something almost as tall as she!!!
(The CN Tower)


Noahkila and Beetle standing on the glass floor, 
a mere 342 metres over Toronto!!!


L seems a little worried about the glass under her feet ... 
... at 342 metres to the bottom, 
she has good reason to be worried!!!


Joey breaks out of my office 
and takes a quick tour of the Flesherton Farmer's Market 
on the classic (and ancient) JD pedal tractor!!!

Ms H and Beetle on the CNE Midway!!

Beetle doning the gear and ready for 'battle'?!?!

Merry Go Rounds are the BEST!!!
Ms H, Beetle and Ms H's friends 
on the CNE carousel!

The end to a very good day 
at The Ex !!!!
(Ms H & Beetle after photo-bombing someone else's pictures!!)

(and last, but certaintly not least:)

A visit to the Memorial for Fallen Police Officers
across from Queens' Park 
in downtown Toronto.

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