Saturday, October 31, 2009

Beetle Breaks Out ...

Tee shirt and pants from ValuVillage: $10
Two rolls of white duct tape: $14
Twenty feet of cotton rope $ 8
One roll of black hockey tape $ 3
One foam ball from the dollar store $ 2
and with a couple of hours of work, a pair of scissors, a sharpie pen,
and some creativity, we have a one of a kind Halloween Costume!!!
Beetle went to school today as a prisoner complete with
handcuffs, ankle manacle with an "iron" ball, and
a set of prisoner clothes ... she wasn't the bell of the ball,
but she had a blast and that's what Halloween is ALL ABOUT!!!

... and it was of course:



Anonymous said...

Wow... good job on the costume! She looks great!! Amazing what some duck tape can do!

Anonymous said...

and DUCT tape too!

Reverend Shawn said...

For interest sake - the white is ducK tape NOT ducT tape ... says SO right on the label.