Friday, October 02, 2009

Burger take out in Kenora ...

There have been numerous occassions that I have witnessed LAVs from CFB Shilo driving around the highways and by-ways of WestMan with the soldiers sitting in the various turrets and openings on those massive vehicles enjoying an Iced Capp from Tim Horton's ... I remember being in Minnedosa one afternoon when an entire convoy of Military vehicles including LAVs stopped at the Coop for slushies, pop and chips ... so, this story on CBC doesn't surprise me at all ...

According to the story on CBC this afternoon, a Military Chopper set down in the baseball diamond across the street from the A&W in Kenora and one of the pilots walked over to get a take out order of burgers combos !!!

Hey - let's not forget that the men and women in uniform are men and women first and foremost ... if they were flying around Kenora and got hungry, they had to get food somewhere !!! Too bad they didn't have a "fly-thru" !!

Check out the story at - "Military Chopper Lands for Kenora Burger Take Out" on

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