Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Back in the Game !!!

I'll be the first to admit that my interest in Fair Trade Coffee is motivated by a selfish desire to have GOOD coffee every morning.

Instead of having to shlep to the grocery store to buy coffee from thier meagre selection of fair trade and organic coffees, I like to help introduce new coffees and teas to the local community through our Church. It means I get easy access to good coffee, and the local congregations get the benefit of making a few extra dollars from the sales and promotion of Fair Trade Coffee.

Here in Flesherton, I've had an interesting and startling experience with the introduction of Fair Trade Products ... not only have they sold well within the congregation, the Council decided that they should use the promotion of Fair Trade as a means of reaching out into the community and
promoting our Congregations while promoting the FT products.

The work to get a booth in the local farmer's market was done by Council Members, and the folks who volunteer each week to man the booth and promote the product are a cross-section of our Faith Community, and highlight the enthusiasm that both Eugenia and St John's United Churches have in abundance.

So, today I not only have ready access to a fine cup of coffee each and every morning, I think we are standing on the verge of something amazing when I look at the potential and possibilities of this outreach project with the good folks of the Flesherton Pastoral Charge. Today the promotion of Fair Trade Coffee, Tea, Sugar, Fruit and Chocolate is about more than just the products, it's about telling the local community that we're alive and well and continuing to share our life and ministry with our community and the world !!!

The folks in Flesherton are enthusiastic about changing the world one cup of coffee at a time, and it feels GREAT to be sharing this journey with them !!!

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