Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tis Dandelion Season !!!

To some they are annoying and obnoxious weeds ... to others they are simply a plant ... and to still others, they are an amazing piece of creation that offers a myriad of possibilities and potentials ranging from medicine, to food through to wine ... and every spring the ubiquitious dandelion offers its beauty and its potential in unimaginable profusion ...

I have frequently preached on the usefulness of this so-called weed, and noted that it is one of the most useful and versatile plants on the plant. A search for using dandelions will reveal hundreds upon hundreds of suggestions, and the litany of what this simple plant is good for, is fairly long and extensive.

But to me, the full beauty of the dandelion comes when a fist full of the brilliant yellow flowers is offered with a smile. As a friend noted earlier this morning: you would have to be pretty hard hearted not to see the beauty in THAT!!

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