Saturday, February 07, 2009

Bill Hicks on David Letterman - a long overdue apology!!

David Letterman has always been a class act.

On January 30th, he set right something that never should have happened ... On October 1st 1993, David deleted from his late night talk show Bill Hick's last of 12 appearences on Letterman's stage.

At the time, the routine was dubbed "too controvertial". In retrospect it was BRILLIANT, and typical of Bill's astounding Stand Up.

I've posted the three clips I found on Youtube tonight ... the first is of David acknowledging his mistake, and noting that because of Bill's premature death at the age of 32 a few short months after the erstwhile appearance, an apology could not be delivered to Bill directly.

The second clip that follows the first is David's candid conversation with Mary, Bill's mom. Mary doesn't really pull any punches, and with grace Letterman takes the hits and honours a man who should have been honoured on October 1st 1993 with one last appearance.

And the final clip is the previously un-seen routine that Letterman so foolishly dropped from his programme. Even Letterman notes at the end that it withstands the test of time ... Bill Hicks was THAT GOOD !!!

These three clips prove Letterman to be a class act ... Mary Hicks to be a gracious and wonderful woman ... and Bill Hicks to be a witty, astute, and prophetic voice that used comedy to teach ALL of us about REAL LIFE. (his bit on celebrating the Death and Resurrection of Jesus by telling our children that a Giant Bunny Rabbit left chocolate eggs in the night is hilarious ... the observation that "I've read the Bible. Can't find the word bunny or chocolate anywhere in the book ..." is icing on the cake.

Take time to enjoy on of Comedy's brightest lights ... you won't be disappointed !!!

Thanks Mr Letterman - you did good !!!!

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