Thursday, February 12, 2009

Editorial Comments by Flute!!

This morning at the office we were greeted with the photo of the beloved Flute wearing her Raising the Roof toque, along with a picture of the staff I work with, on the cover of the Brandon Sun Community News edition for today ... I featured the photo that was later submitted to the Sun previously - click here to revisit it.

I came home at lunch time to be greeted by the remains of the Dog Training book I bought the weekend Flute arrived in our lives ... Clearly she's offering an editorial on the canine pointers contained within ... couple this with her urination on Noahkila's boots last week, and you have a very opinionated pooch !!!

In case you're wondering - the pee on the boots incident went something like this:

Me: Did you take Flute out recently??
(Flute gets very very very hyper when she needs to go outside and was at that point!!)
Noahkila: Yeah.
Me: Did she do anything?
Noahkila: No.
Me: Were you out with her for a while? Or did you go out quickly?
Noahkila: A while.
Me: Did she do anything?
Noahkila: NO!!
Me: Do you think she may need to go out again?
Noahkila: I dunno ...

AND as he is speaking, Flute walks over to HIS boots, she proceeds to squat and void her bladder ALL OVER THEM !!! to the accompanying shrieks of "FLUTE!!!!" from Noahkila ...

I have to confess that is was hard NOT to howl with laughter ...

The upside is that when I ask Noahkila to take Flute outside - HE DOES, and he takes time to ensure she does her biz before bringing her back in ...

She's a smart dog.

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