Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy V Day ...

It' s been a busy life for our resident Pippy Longstocking ... since we last visited her ever growing list of destruction (click here) Flute has, in addition to her media appearances, been busily adding to the list of things she has chewed up:
- one pair of slippers (mine)
- one pair of sandals (mine)
- one package of butter tarts
- one package of AA batteries
- one package of whole wheat dinner buns
- one package of pistachios
- one coffee scoop
- one 1 lb bag of fair trade coffee
- one package of vacuum cleaner belts
- one plastic whale
- three containers of hand cream
- one unsuccessful attempt to open a Danish cookie tin full of date squares
(the tin bears its wounds with pride - the date squares were reduced to crumbs)
- an assortment of Play-mobile toys
- one zip loc bag FULL of craft gems (my stairs were LOVELY that day!!)
- multiple visit to the recycle bin to remove and chew on empty milk jugs, empty tins, newpapers, plastic clamshells and other assorted items that we so conveniently spread ALL OVER the kitchen and the living room
- one pre-empted chew of a pair of gloves (I came home JUST IN TIME!!)
- and in honour of the day - ONE PACKAGE OF VALENTINES!!!! (Beetle's)

No wonder she's SOOOOOOOO tired !!!!!

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sallie ledoux said...

Just a thought, have you considered "Doggy Daycare?" Seems young Flute may be bored and lonely!