Monday, August 03, 2009

126 ... 127 ...

Corporal Christian Bobbit, age 23 (top)
and Sapper Matthieu Allard, age 21 (bottom)
in the Zhari district, west of Kandahar
when their re-supply convoy was hit by
two improvised explosive devices.
The two soldiers had left thier vehicle to secure the area
following an initial explosion when the
second device was detonated.
Both were members of the
5th Combat Engineer Regiment
and had been serving in Afghanistan since March
with the 2e Batallion of the Royal 22e Regiment,
also known as the Van Doos, based in Valcartier, Que.
Thoughts and prayers for their comrades,
for the wounded, and most of all
for their families.
Lest We Forget.

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wendy said...

these men were way way too young to die..i hate war!! God bless their families!