Sunday, November 08, 2009

Change you can believe in ... The Dream Goes On!!

The same week when the media is looking back to the time 20 years ago when the Berlin Wall came down, and a dark period in modern history drew to a close, the Media is marking the passing by the US Congress, of the bill to reform health care provision ... the shift is not as momentous, but no less historic - our southern cousins have joined the fellowship of Universal Health Care !!!

While the success of this does not rest solely on the shoulders of the sitting President, one can not overlook his fingerprints on this process. Universal Health Care was a central plank in his election campaign and last night the Bill passed and a huge step was taken - every American will have now have access to affordable and quality Health Care.

Nice job Mr Obama - you and your nation have done well !!!

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John. said...

Might be premature, Shawn. The Senate hasn't passed it yet, and Fox News has its slimy tentacles everywhere.