Monday, May 17, 2010

Conservative Watch ... READ THIS BOOK !!!

Today (May 17th) is the International Anti-Homophobia Day ... so it is somewhat apt in an era when voices make the claim that some of the hard won freedoms like access to abortion, inclusion of everyone regardless of sexual orientation, same sex marriage, and other hot button issues to our more conservative and evangelical brothers and sisters, are on the verge of being limited, curtailed or turned back - that I would offer the latest installment of Conservative Watch with the invitation for you to find and read a book that says much of what I have long struggled with when I consider Harper and his Conservative ruling Government.

Like Michael Moore's films, I would offer the observation that "even if only 25% of what is said is 100% true - this is a truly frightening scenario."

The rise of the religious right in Canada is, in McDonald's opinion a slow, gradual and tactical sequence of events designed to not maintain the status quo, but return us to a faith-based retro-spective stance that moves us AWAY from the very things that have made Canada a welcome inclusive and liberal nation ... I find McDonald's book disturbing, provocative, thought provoking and amazing.

Find it. Read it.
Think about it.
And don't let complacency be the rule of the day ... Canada deserves better than what is essentially a simplistic answer to fears that have arisen from ignorance and mis-understanding on a cultural level.

The Armageddon Factor is a must read for anyone interested in modern politics and the place of Church in Society ... and on many levels it stands as a rallying cry to we of the left, to step up and stop hiding from our faith ...

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