Monday, May 03, 2010

Recent Reads ...

Written by David Thewlis, better known as Remus Lupin from the
Harry Potter series of movies, has penned a book that is ...
... well ... different.
A thoroughly interesting and entertaining read,
The Late Hector Kipling is one of the most odd
books I think I've ever read, but I couldn't put it down,
and found myself wincing and laughing - sometimes at the same time,
and would recommend it for someone looking for a book
that takes you on a literary adventure that is a bit dark, a little twisted,
and down right different.

Written by Winnipeg writer Tom Jokinen, Curtains explores the
Canadian Funeral Industry from in the inside, and offers a
poignant, critical and entertaining reflections
on our society's strange relationship with death, and the
industries that have developed around it.

(BOTH books are available through Brandon's
Pennywise Books, on Rosser)

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Carolyn said...

Ooooo... so gonna have to read the Jokinen book!