Sunday, May 23, 2010

Food First (May 29th) Column:

The next issue of the Westman Journal (coming out Tuesday) will contain a lovely yellow plastic bag that is part of the Food First campaign for Brandon's Samaritan House Ministries.

Food First asks every resident of Brandon to fill the plastic bag with non-perishable food items and then set the bag outside on their front step on Saturday morning (May 29th). A veritable army of volunteers supplied by the local Lions' Clubs and Neelin High School will canvass the entire community and pick up the yellow bags and bring them back to a central location where they will be unloaded, weighed, sorted and packed into the Samaritan House truck ... right now in both Brandon and Winnipeg the Food Banks have noted a ever increasing need for FOOD. Winnipeg Harvest is down to two days of food ... Samaritan House is not far off ... the demand is outstripping the supply, and the statistics tell us the problem is worsening ...

So, as part of the publicity effort leading into Food First, my monthly column in the Westman Journal reminded readers of the centrality of food to Canadian Culture and urged them to use the yellow bags next week:

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- and if you live in Brandon don't forget to use the bag on Saturday!!!

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Anonymous said...

Very good article. No postings lately Shawn? Hope all is well in your world. People care.