Thursday, October 21, 2010

It's a SMALL World ...

A month or so ago, I pulled into the parking lot of the Canadian Tire in Owen Sound. I parked behind a silver ridgeline and was surprised to look up and see the above dealer decal ... the silver ridgeline and my ridgeline BOTH came from the same dealership !!!!

As the driver of the other Ridgeline hopped out I asked him when he bought his truck at Forman ... he stopped and looked confused until he saw my Manitoba plates.

Turns out he was serving with the PPCLI (Princess Patricia Canadian Light Infantry) at CFB Shilo before being transfered out to the Meaford Range ... just before leaving in 07, he bought his Ridgeline from the same place as I bought mine !!!

As we walked into the store we chatted and like any good 'six degrees of seperation' conversation it turns out we know quite a few of the same people ... we parted company by both observing how small our world sometimes is.

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