Sunday, October 31, 2010

In this moment ...

The day seemingly ends where it began ... sitting at the dining room table at the lap top ...
And oh what a day it has been ... the Anniversary Service for St John's United followed by a lunch with food in abundance !!! Along with cakes that Ms H and her new BF created on Friday night during their sleep over, it was a feast that strained tables and tummies !
Then at 2:30 we gathered in the sanctuary to continue our day of celebration as Brian Nicholson and Rev. David Shearman presided at a Covenanting Service between the folks of the Flesherton Pastoral Charge, Northern Waters Presbytery and myself ... Brian came as the Presbytery rep presiding over the service, and David came to preach ... I feel honoured to call both men friends ... David since my first forays on the pre-internet ECUNET forums ... and Brian since my time of serving on the Board of FairHaven United Church homes in Vancouver and Burnaby ... they are colleagues and friends, and together we marked the new Covenant here with a liturgy full of joy in its fullest sense.
The service ended with a second lunch downstairs which had more food and more cake!!
Late in the afternoon as the shadows were lengthening and the evening was drawing near, I came home and started setting up the Halloween decorations in anticipation and preparation for the trick'r'treaters that were due to arrive ... with some help we got everything ready despite the intermitent snow, and by sundown the front yard looked fantastically spook-tacular!!!
Dinner of white chili (YUMMY !!!!!) came in fits and spurts between handing out buckets of candy !!! ... then when all had quieted down, yet more cake was served - this time to belatedly mark a 13th Birthday that had come earlier in the month ...
Looking back from here to where my day began ... I can only say it was a very good day filled with laughter, a few tears, and many more memorable moments with friends both old and new ... it was a beautiful way to mark the day, and tonight I am truly grateful for all of it !!
Good night ... and once again: Happy Halloween !!

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