Monday, November 01, 2010

In this moment ...

I want to describe the feelings that are still left within me, from yesterday's Covenanting Service, and put to words the 'wow' that is still ringing within me ...

It was a beautiful service. Brian Nicholson did a fantastic job presiding on behalf of Presbytery, and David Shearman's sermon was simply awesome!! The liturgy, the message, the music, and the fellowship capped off a fabulous day of celebrating being Church, and affirming the ministry that is unfolding in this place.

There are many thanks to be offered ... Brian and David for thier part in the service, to the folks of both Eugenia and St John's Churches for thier many contributions to the service, and to the folks who filled the Church and the hall with laughter, and fellowship ... it was an amazing day, and it was an amazing way to mark the beginning of this Ministry Covenant.

The feelings of 'wow' are still rolling within me, and hopefully in the community too !!!

It is moments like this that make ministry worthwhile!! And it is moments like this that help to affirm the healing that is part of my journey, and set right the Karma scale that has been out of whack for too long in my journey within the Church.

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations and welcome home.