Monday, November 29, 2010

Good to the last sip ...

My connection with Level Ground Trading Ltd began in the mid-1990's when I discovered their amazing Cafe San Miquel coffee while we lived in the Lower Mainland of BC.

Since then, the dark roast whole bean Cafe San Miquel has been my coffee of choice ... a choice, I've shared with numerous others who have come to have the same appreciation of a fine cup of java !!!

I've organized sales of Level Ground's coffee, sugar and dried fruit at no less than three separate congregations as a fund raising opportunity for thier life and ministry. For a time the Mayor's Office in Brandon even used Cafe San Miquel in their coffee pots !!!

Tomorrow, after an absence of almost five months, the Colombian Coffee (Dark Roast Whole Bean) returns to my coffee pot !!!!!

Not only that, but I add two more congregations to my tally of congregations where Level Ground Trading Ltd Coffee will be available for sale !!!! To do my part to help Eugenia United Church and St John's United Church, the Ethiopian and Colombian Coffees will be for sale through the Church office !!!

I'll openly admit my motivations are twinged with my own selfish coffee interests ... but fortunately, as I am able to quench my coffee craving for the Colombian Dark Roast, others are able to share in the enjoyment of one of Canada's BEST fair trade coffee ... stay tuned, I've even enquired about making the coffee available thru the Resource Centre at Central Westside United Church in Owen Sound !!!!

A GOOD Coffee MUST be shared !!!!

Oh, and it makes an absolutely FABULOUS Christmas Present for those 'hard to buy for' folks on your list !!!

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The Monkey said...

So, it's clear that you love this coffee to the last sip, so I suspect you'd agree about how annoying it is when waiters clear your cup before you finish drinking.