Monday, December 13, 2010

In this moment ... (in the midst of the storm!!) ...

It started snowing yesterday morning around 7am and has yet to stop ... the driveways have been shovelled three times since then, AND now it has been blowing steadily AND strongly since 7pm yesterday ... all in all, it has made for a miserable stretch of weather !!

The up side (if there is any) has been the kids playing in the ever growing snow banks around the house and yard ... yesterday it was jumping from the deck into the snow piles ... today it was burrowing, burying and building snow tunnels !!! Along the way, everyone has had a workout shoveling snow, shoveling snow, shoveling snow and shoveling snow !!

As I write this the highway is closed, the wind is howling, the snow is still accumulating and it looks likely that the kids will have a second snow day (their third in a week) !!

Kinda puts and interesting twist on the whole concept of "Season's Greetings" doesn't it??

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Aunty E said...

Count your blessings. You still have a street light!