Monday, December 06, 2010

Snow Day Work Space ...

Ms H thundered out of bed at 7:15 this morning with the news that it was a snow day ... Noahkila asked at 9:25 - "are you gonna send us to school or not?"
I replied, "um, it's almost 9:30, I think you're staying home ..."
In disbelief he said, "Really !! Wow, it doesn't feel like 9:30 !!"

Since then, he's been busy wrapping and packing presents to send back to his Manitoba friends, and Ms H has watched videos, facebook'ed and played with the dogs.

I took advantage of the snow day by spreading my Advent and Christmas resources out on the table and tackling the ever lengthening "Worship 2 Do List" that has many details that need to be addressed before the Christmas Season fully unfolds upon us ...

I sat down and sketched out a preliminary Christmas Eve Service, outlined the Longest Night Service, reviewed Eugenia United's Candlelight Service for the 19th, and roughed out the White Gift Service for this coming week ... I sent my Christmas Article to the local paper, cranked off a half a dozen emails about various matters before us, and managed to start on the bulletins for the 19th and the 26th !!

All in all, a reasonably productive day ... now, alas, the falling snow and the blowing wind has meant there are sidewalks and driveways to clear, and Noahkila and Ms H both have presents to mail off ... time to bundle up and head outside !!!

Dayenu !!!

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