Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Is it just me ...

Is it just me, or has our society become obsessed with convenience items to the point that we're now creating and promoting absolutely USELESS items in the guise of 'health and safety'?

On the surface the new 'no touch' soap dispensers seem like a reasonable idea for our homes, afterall we have them in most public washrooms now.

But when it comes to cleaning up, even after a kitchen mess with raw chicken like in the tv commercial, do we really need another gadget when for CENTURIES another simple item managed to do the same job without all the electronics and batteries and so on?

Not only was a bar of soap convenient and portable, it is ACTUALLY self-cleaning:

One day I hope we wake up from this consumerist nightmare we've emeshed ourselves in, and stop buying silly crap and get back to the basics that tell us people are far more important that profits, and a life well lived is a life worth living!!!

We don't need all the stuff ...

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