Friday, March 30, 2012

The journey ahead ...

It is tiny. It is less than two inches from top to bottom.

It is anything but fancy. It is a piece of cardboard like wood, some cheap metal and too much glue.

It is simple, and was cheap. I bought it from a Coptic Monk kneeling behind the Tomb in the Church of the Holy Sepluchere in Jerusalem for a shekel.

But in the coming days I will think of it because it offers a connection and reminder of the Resurrection that is so much a part of this season in the Church.

The connection is that I bought it, and brought it home to give to my Mom after my study tour trip to Israel in the late 1980's ... she tucked it away in a little wooden jewelery box that I had given her from the same trip, and there it sat for almost thirty years until I rediscovered it this past year sorting and cleaning Mom's stuff ...

And the reminder is of her, Scott, and my trip to Israel as well as the Theology of Resurrection that over arches all of life ... it came from the very place we are told the Resurrection of Christ happened, and in the coming days as we journey into the shadowy corners of Holy Week, this simple little crucifix will help remind me that no matter how dark the world becomes, no matter how hard it is to see the path, and even if ALL seems hopeless, the Resurrection WILL COME!!

This little crucifix will help remind me of what my faith is ALL about ... Thanks be to God!!

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