Sunday, April 01, 2012

He came riding on a donkey ...

And so it begins ...
in the quiet of the breaking dawn
we hear the clip clop of approaching hooves,

you approach the city ...
a city unaware of what is about to unfold ...
a city asleep in its complacency
a city waiting for God, but unprepared ...

Your entry becomes triumphant
with waving palms,
celebrating crowds,
and shouts of HOSANNA!!!

Your disciples follow along
laughing, singing, shouting,
they feel the surge of power
they feel the Holiness
they feel the possibilities ...

But soon the Hosannas turn to horror
first come shouts of 'how dare YOU'
as tables are overturned
baskets thrown
animals set free

This is My Father's House
you dare to shout.

How Dare YOU
they chant back ...

And so the Hosannas slip away
the enthusiasm wanes
the smiles on their faces turn to scowls.

The week begins and we know where it leads ...

May we have the courage to follow
May we have the faith to endure
May we have no fear of the shadowy corners
and the dark places ...

And so it begins ... this week of remembering
this week of facing our deepest fears,
this week of a world that dared to kill its Hope ...

And so it begins ... this journey to Resurrection ...


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