Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Reverend Lydia Gruchy - without a doubt she was a Preacher

The Reverend Lydia Gruchy was the first woman ordained in the United Church of Canada. In November 1936 she was ordained and began what would be a long and rewarding ministry in many corners of the Church, and she opened the door forever for a change in the Order of Ministry in this denomination. (to learn more about Rev. Gruchy click here)

This morning on my facebook from a friend and colleague in BC came the following notice, along with the request to spread the news far and wide:

Reverend Patricia Wotton of Winnipeg has written a biography of Rev. Lydia Gruchy and her impact on Canadian society, as well as the obvious impact on The United Church of Canada.

"With love, Lydia" is available directly from Wotton at or 204.897.0172.

Rev. Gruchy's "Golden years" at First United (White Rock) 1962-1992 are recounted, incl. her funeral service 22 April 1992 at First United.

This is a fascinating and "must" read for anyone who values the impact Rev. Lydia Gruchy had.... which actually cannot be overstated...

Please distribute this far and wide.

(CLICK HERE to visit the web page about Pat's Book and learn more about Lydia)

I'll be ordering mine shortly!!


Holly (Gruchy) Berkan said...

Rev. Wotton, I am so pleased to see that you have published a book documenting the life of Lydia Gruchy. To me, she was "Auntie Lydia", my great aunt. I feel such pride to be able to call her family. The contribution made by her to The United Church, to women's progress and to society in general is admirable and, indeed, must not be forgotten. I can hardly wait to get my hands on your book! Congratulations!

Veronica Postnikoff said...

Rev. Wotton, I have just finished reading "With Love, Lydia" and feel you have wonderfully captured the life work of Rev. Lydia Gruchy. I was drawn to the book since the Wakaw United Church was my home church in the 1940s on and I personally knew Minnie Molnar and Alsace Nagy. The chapter on the Doukhobors was also of great interest as my husband's was raised as a Doukhobor. We are members of Mount Royal Emmanuel United Church in Saskatoon and have spent our whole life on the prairies. Your words about prairie folk are so true to life.
The whole book is very inspiring and I plan to share it with our UCW group. Well done!
Veronica Postnikoff