Friday, March 30, 2012

The Small Treaures ...

It's funny, the most cherished things in my house right now are not necessarily things that have any real or meaningful monetary or collectible value.

They are things like the 'piggy' bank pictured above, that have connection to, and meaning from the lives and homes of my grandparents, my mom and other members of my circle of friends and family who have ended their earthly journey.

The frying pan bank above hung in the kitchen of my Grandparent's home in Waterloo, and even though it has little value, I see it every time I come down the stairs into the kitchen, and I pause to think about them and ALL that they meant to my life and my world ... a resonance that continues even years and years after they've gone ...

Such are the vagaries of those mementos and touchstones we cherish. They remind us of loved ones who touched our lives with meaning and care, and who have passed on.

We cherish such tiny treasures not because they are valuable to anyone else but us, but because they help to reconnect us to the memories of our past that inform and inspire our future.

My Grandparents had a big impact on my early life, and I still find myself reflecting on things they said as I struggle to parent my children, and live my life in a sometimes confusing and stressful world ... the quiet asides Grandpa offered are frequently deeply profound pearls of wisdom that are worth passing on while also living them out ...

It may seem cliche, but Grandpa and Grandma knew a few things!!!

Our lives are a balancing act of past lessons and learnings, and future decisions and choices ... the tiny treasures that hang inconspicuously on the wall, or sitting on a shelf are often reminders of that interconnectedness, and a way of making our life journey with care, wisdom and more than just a little inspiration.

We cherish things for a reason ... the most important part of that process is to allow that reason to inform and inspire our lives as we continue to grow and mature !!

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