Saturday, December 06, 2008

Sometimes Miracles CAN and DO happen ...

I read the story yesterday about the theft of over $25 000 worth of toys from the Salvation Army warehouse in Vancouver ... not only did they take the HIGH end "toys" meant for teens, they cleaned out several freezers of meat and left the meat they DIDN'T take on the floor where it defrosted and became unusable ... not only is the theft nasty, the callousness that destroyed FOOD was simply thoughtless ... (Read the CTV.CA story - Needy Childrens' Toys stolen from Sally Ann - by clicking here)

THANKFULLY though, this is NOT the end of the story ... today online I found the follow up story ... Businesses and people in BC have rallied to ensure that the Salvation Army has enough to ensure Christmas for needy families ... more than $35 000 in cash has been donated including a $10 000 gift card from a major electronics dealer !!!

After the nonsense I've encountered this week I needed a story like this to restore my hope in human kind - check out the follow up story at CTV.CA by clicking here - (Companies rally to help robbed Sally Ann)


John Morton, Bella Coola, BC said...

It gets better: apparently some of the guys who are usually on the wrong side of the law got wind of the location of some of the goods and "advised" the police.

If there's any group that deserves the response it's received, it's the Salvation Army, and shouldn't they feel great that even some of the usual bad eggs are in their corner?


heartnurse said...

I have my opinions about that. I wonder why people who steal from the SA feel they have to steal? What does the SA require for them to apply? Attendance at their church? Is it truly given with no strings?
I don't know these answers. I just wonder??