Sunday, May 03, 2009

Happy Birthday to a Legend ...

There are few voices with the impact AND longevity of Pete Seeger.

Today he turns 90!!!

He is the VOICE not of his generation, but of many generations past, present and future:


indigo said...

if I had a hammer, I'd use it to see where all the flowers have gone


What a song writer

sallie the shocked said...

This man has impacted so many generations. Many young don't know where the fireside songs came from.
I am currently passing on so much information and knowledge to the very young students in my class, ages 20-early 30's. Many don't know the most basic things! What were parents doing that generation?? Where they too busy working? As the young say, "what up?"
You would be shocked. No cultural references. Knowledge of food: hamburgers, hot dogs, fish sticks, frozen veg.
And wait, the list is long...
but you get my point.
I hope that a few of us did better, and the next generation MUCH better....