Thursday, May 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Young Man ...

It's hard to imagine that it was 15 years ago,
that he arrived in the world after a long day
AND night of labour ... in the wee small hours
of the morning my son made his entry.
I remember walking him down the hall
of the hospital where in the darkness
a voice from one of the 12 rooms asked:
"Is it a boy or a girl?"
I stepped into the room and answered,
"A boy."
The light above her bed snapped on,
and the organist from the church I served,
sat up in bed and smiled.
"Elma, I'd like you to meet my son ..."
It seems like only yesterday ...
... and yet the river of memories has
moved ever onward, leaving along its shore
moments of laughter,
moments of anger,
moments of frustration,
moments of tears,
and moments of complete joy.
There have been so many moments,
and I THANK GOD for EVERY ONE of them.
I have a wonderful son,
and I fear I may not tell him that enough.
Happy Birthday Noahkila,
may it be as joy-filled as our lives have
been because of you !!!
I'm still proud of introduce my son to the world,
he's a good kid, and fast becoming
a fine young man !!

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Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to the boy who looks much like his dad... Looks like he enjoyed his ribs!