Thursday, May 28, 2009

What I did today ...

This is the garden in my back yard ...

I started planting it yesterday ... I finished it today ...

It has:
- rhubarb
- lettuce
- onions
- beets
- carrots
- chard
- snow peas
- regular peas
- yellow beans
- green pole beans
- radishes
- spinach
- spearmint
- watermelon
- pumpkin
- squash (two varieties)
- cabbage
- cauliflower
- summer savory
- parsley
- oregano
- chives
- potatoes

with the exception of one brief excursion by Oboe, and a visit to the lettuce by Flute, I was able to get the garden done without canine assistance ... but my digging obviously inspired them to begin their own "garden" a few metres from the garden I was working!!!

Next week I'll work on creating the flower border in the front ... in the meantime, I'll keep you posted on the "how my garden grows"!!


itzktb said...

REV!!!! You're a MANIAC!!! And I mean that in a GOOD WAY!!!! Bravo!

indigo said...

where is the scarecrow and the fence??