Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wheat City Journal Contribution ...

A couple of weeks ago, a young man ended up in the Red River in Winnipeg, nor far from this site ... the outcome of this happening could have been tragic, had it NOT been for the actions of a gentleman by the name of Feron Hall.

Feron boldly jumped into the river and rescued the young man from an icy fate ... since then Mr. Hall has been touted as a Hero by everyone from the Mayor of Winnipeg through to Members of the House of Commons in Ottawa.

He is for his selfless actions, a true hero who acted on impulse and rescued a stranger in distress ... Feron summarized the entire event at the hospital when he left by kissing the young man on the forehead and saying - "I love ya man."

The world needs MORE Feron Hall's ...

Oh, did I mention Feron happens to be Homeless??

Click here to read my latest contribution to Brandon's Wheat City Journal - it's my reflections on Feron and his actions, and the response of the communities around him to his selfless action ... he's a hero on many levels.


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Anonymous said...

Great article, Shawn.