Thursday, March 24, 2011

Prairie Preacher stakes a claim in the Highlands ...

It has been over five years since I first went 'online' here with my Prairie Preacher blog. Along the way, there have been some additions and changes, but with 2401 posts (as of this entry), the Prairie Preacher has remained a place where I am comfortable to muse about life, ministry and the things that are on my mind.

I've been fortunate to have met some fabulous new friends along the way, and I feel blessed to have been able to continue sharing the many ups and downs of my life journey with friends across the country, and indeed around the world. In recent days, my family have encouraged me to continue writing here as I've wrestled with the struggles that have come with losing Mom, Scott and Mr. B in such short order. I have also been humbled by the active encouragement by the Flesherton Pastoral Charge to explore and even exploit the potential and possibility that exists in sharing our ministry online

Today, in addition to updating the website for St. John's and Eugenia United Churches (found here), I have also launched a new blog that will be specific to the life and ministry of Eugenia and St John's United Churches.

This new blog called "United Church in the Grey Highlands" (found here) will be primarily a place to share sermons, reflections and announcements from the Flesherton Pastoral Charge, but it will also be an intentional outreach ministry that seeks to link current members and adherents with the alumni and other interested people who are part of the ever expanding circle that is the United Church in Flesherton.

As part of the seasonal Stewardship Campaign in Flesherton, the decision has been made and embraced, to reflect on, and improve ways we can live the concept of being a welcoming and inclusive community. Beyond simply saying "All Welcome" the folks in both congregations are exploring ways to widen the invitation beyond our Sunday Morning services.

Stay tuned, with each passing day, they seem to be coming up with more ideas and new ways of being Church to their community. Instead of simply wondering what they can do, the folks in Eugenia and Flesherton are rolling up their sleeves and getting busy doing it ... and the 'it' remains dynamic, fluid and ever changing!!

Today, in my ministry, I feel deeply blessed to be amongst a group of people who grasp and comprehend what it means to truly be a People of the Resurrection. They've been down some hard and difficult roads, and have not only survived, they have prospered, and now they want to share that with others ...

Come, and join us in our conversation and in our ministry.
You are ALWAYS welcome !!!

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