Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Another Voice in the Struggle ...

Today a discussion thread on Facebook about the present and future of the United Church lead me to offer the posting from earlier today, then I received a message from a ministry colleague in the Maritimes inviting me to check out his blog ... I had previously encountered one of Rev. Nick's posting via Facebook where he offered an open letter to the United Church writ large that named some of the realities we're facing and questioned why the status quo is being maintained when it so clearly isn't working ... as I read Rev. Nick's musings and postings I found myself exclaiming - AMEN!!!!

I had found another pilgrim on this faith journey who is feeling similar frustrations with the current state of the Church and who is being called by the Spirit to be part of something bigger than we can imagine ...

I also chuckled at the thought that his blog was called "Maritime Preacher" ... hmmm, Prairie Preacher approves, even though I have been more of the Highlands Preacher of late ... but Prairie Preacher was born on the Prairies, and the name remains ...

For now though - I would like to invite MY readers to check out the offerings of another cyber-scribe who has taken the time to share his wisdom and observations via his blog:

CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT Maritime Preacher. 

Then come back and let me know what you think!!


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