Thursday, May 31, 2012

Something from nothing (sort of ...)!!

I enjoy gardening ... it is a good and healthy way of releasing and responding to stress ... it produces a tangible result that is pleasant and enjoyable ... it is hard work, but sooooo worth it.

Last year I started gardening in my front yard by digging a small corner plot for dahlia tubers and some perennials and I started a flower and herb bed by the front door, then lastly I put in a small vegetable plot alongside the driveway.

This year, the corner plot has stretched across half the front yard to include more dahlia tubers, more perennials and a scattering of flowers, seeds and other flowering plants. The veggie bed has more than doubled in size, and the flower-herb bed has been joined by a peony bed in mid lawn (where the bed frame is standing).

It is such a rewarding moment to stand and look at the progress and see plants growing and blooming, knowing that with a little bit of yard work, I've been able to make it happen.

Gardening is truly a gift that gives so much ... my only regret is not having the time AND energy to do it more.

Stay tuned - updates as needed!!

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