Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Yes WE Can !!!!


President Obama uttered a long overdue truth, and segments of American and Canadian society are having a fit because of it ... ALL because as a father, Barack Obama looked into the eyes of his daughters, and like Rev. Martin Luther King Jr 60 years ago, saw the necessity of speaking out against an injustice and speaking instead a truth - that ALL people are of equal value, and sexuality is not an issue that should divide us!!

In the days since President Obama spoke his conscience and offered his support to same sex marriage, I've gained EVEN MORE respect for him as a person, as a leader, as a father, and as a President.

I've been a fan of Obama since his election victory, and I've worried that he may become a one term president because of the fear that  is gripping North American society. But I think the strength of leadership Obama offers is much needed in our world today.

We need people like him who are willing to speak up and speak out, and stand for true justice.

In 2008, the Obama campaign spoke daringly of 'Hope' in a world dark with fear. His chant "Yes, We Can" was about more than just American Pride - it was about revisioning the world in an audacious way, and opening wide the doors for ALL people.

This week, Obama stepped up and did the right thing ... unfortunately, there are still many who fail to see that hate, prejudice and fear have too much say in our world, and hinder and limit the Children of God in hurtful and abusive ways.

My one regret is that the leadership in my country has chosen a path of fear rather than hope ... and I continue to hope that our southern cousins continue on this marvelous path of Hope being guided and inspired by a remarkable man named Obama!!!

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