Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Anonymous Comments ...

Lately, I've been waging a battle against hurtful, hateful and nasty anonymous comments that have been left on my blog ...

I'm a strong advocate of free speech and freedom of expression, but I've also come to realize that even fundamental freedoms like this need limits and safe guards. You can't call someone down and not expect repercussions.

My problem with anonymous comments is not the anonymity. There are at times, legitimate reasons for anonymity. My problem with anonymous comments is about cowardice. If you have something to say to me or about me - say it to my face. Have the courage to sign your name, or at least tell me who you are. Otherwise - SHUT UP !!!

When I say something controversial, I sign my name.
When I say something outrageous, I own it.
When I speak I speak as me, and take responsibility for my words.

If you're going to post something here that is critical of me - OWN IT. Otherwise, I'm not interested in hearing it ...

Having said that - there are times I will make an exception, and I will allow anonymous comments to remain. As an example, I would offer the following comment that I found last night deep in the archives of this blog. It is a comment from someone who knows of what he/she speaks. It is a comment from someone who is bearing a heavy burden and who needed a place to speak of and to share that burden ...

What follows is an example of a heart-wrenching anonymous post that NEEDS to be heard:

It is a shame to read what these young adults have done and it is even a further shame to see that it was our former niece-in-law that had a part in such a hateful crime. If her Grandmother were still alive she would be gravely ill for such actions from her granddaughter... not to mention the other family members that are no longer among the living ... what a shame it was to read this ... well at least the family now knows where she is at. ... her mother must be devastated from this hate crime.
Deanna Lynn Mathews ... you were not brought up this way!!!!
I hope that you Repent for your sins!!!
Was this Guy worth all that has happened to you ??
... you lowered yourself to scum because of some guy that is not worth it ... look at the price you have had to pay ...not to mention the money you now owe.....
This felt good to vent......

This was posted on Prairie Preacher - Comments - Monday, February 26, 2007 1:10:00 AM

Anonymous comments that are personal attacks on me WILL NOT BE POSTED.

Anonymous comments that are critical of my words however, WILL be posted.
(I'm always up for a good debate or argument)

Anonymous comments that share in the journey, such as the one above will not only be posted - they will be and are welcomed and encouraged.

So to my anonymous posters who seem to be delighting in attacking me personally, and taking shots at my character: listen to our grandmothers who told us - "if you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything ..."

And to anonymous posters who have something valuable to say and add - I say heartily: Welcome!!! and a hearty Thank you for your contributions !!


itzktb said...

Anyone who would write such hateful things about Reverend Ankenmann is obviously insecure in himself. Perhaps the anonymous commenter feels threatened by the Reverend, a highly intelligent and well-read man, a kind and loving father and a compassionate friend. Or maybe he wishes that he, like Rev. Shawn, had something important to say, stood up for what he believed in, questioned authority and fought against the status quo. But perhaps the commenter is simply a jealous little man who doesn’t like it that anyone with half a brain thinks the Rev. is all that and a bag of Cheezies.

Frankly, I wish the commenter would go get a life of his own and leave the Reverend to do what he does best, saving the world one little prairie at a time.


Katie Bowen
New York City

Anonymous said...

"I've also come to realize that even fundamental freedoms like this need limits and safe guards" ---just an interesting fact, that's what section one of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms is for. Not an attack, just an interesting fact I thought you might like to know.