Monday, March 12, 2007

Make a Joyful Noise ...

This afternoon I was having coffee at Chipperfield Coffee Company (the real place) when a van pulled up outside. A moment later a young woman hopped out with her Apple Notebook in hand. It was obvious she was trying to find a wireless signal ...

I thought to myself - "she looks familiar ..."

The plates on the van were from British Columbia, so I didn't really think any more about it ... and went back to my coffee, and the conversation around the table.

The woman then came in the store, with her computer in hand and asked about the security key for the wi-fi connection ... and I was more convinced by the thought that - "I think I know her ..."

I walked up to the counter and asked her - "Are you Linnea Good?"

"Yes," she said with a look of amusement and bewilderment crossing her face, "and you are?"

After our introductions - she and I had met previously at a concert in Brandon three or four years ago, and she was often one of the music people when I was in ministry in BC at our Conference Annual General Meetings ... we chatted for awhile as I tried to help her get on line with the Chipperfields' wireless router (to no avail).

Linnea and her partner/husband David and their three children are on a tour through Western Canada, and will be arrving in Winnipeg for a couple of concert dates this weekend. When she heard about our Church fire and our rebuilding she offered to come and help us in our efforts when the new building is up - an offer I readily accepted. Linnea's music, including the hymn "Make a Joyful Noise (Psalm 100)" are amongst the tunes that have helped define my spiritual journey. Her CDs are usually in our car, and her children's CD is a favourite with our girls ...

Both Linnea and I agreed today that moments like this "don't just happen" but are under the tender and guiding hand of the Joy-filled Spirit of God ... and today at Chipperfields' the Spirit gave us a moment of laughter, fellowship and wonder ... It was beautiful.

(to learn more about Linnea Good and her music ministry check out here)

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