Saturday, March 10, 2007

Cold Tea - Tribute Translation ...

So, what does "Cum Musis deditus non sim, nosco quod amo!!" mean ?

I'll tell you in a moment ... but right now, I need to once again offer my praise of a wonderful short film that I simply adore ...

Cold Tea is quirky - and despite (or perhaps IN SPITE) of six yahoos in Sedona who obviously lacked both taste and intelligence and who foolishly said they hated it ... (but then some people hate kittens, apple pie and sunny days too) ... it is a GREAT short film!!

Cold Tea is simply delightful. It is a labour of love that Katie and her peeps can be proud of ... And because of Cold Tea, I hope (and know) that Katie will go far in the entertainment industry bringing to the world more films like Cold Tea ...

I should have posted this on IWD with the - "You Go Girl" posting ... but as yet another tribute to Cold Tea I can only say AGAIN: "Cum Musis deditus non sim, nosco quod amo!!" which of course means: "I don't know art, but I know what I like ..."

You GO Girl !!!

Cold Tea is Art. And I really like it. Thanks for sharing it Katie ... and thanks for letting me share it with the people in Minnedosa. You Rock !!!!

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