Saturday, July 18, 2009

Page Three ...

It's not racy, but it IS informative ... the page three interview in our local Wheat City Journal always highlights some one from the Brandon area and gives us a glimpse into their busy lives ... This week editor Lanny Stewart, chose one of his columnists to be the page three interviewee ...

Not sure why he chose me, other than I was available and willing ... but there you go !!

So, inspite of a couple of inaccuracies the article is not a bad piece of writing ... hopefully it serves as another step on my journey as a writer ... the print version begins with the comment: "Over the past few months the Journal has recieved numerous positive responses in regards to Shawn Ankenmann's monthly column. Considering he's becoming quite popular, the Journal decided that it was time to sit down with the man who writes about poverty issues here in Westman."

For the moment check it out yourself by clicking here - and it's not a bad picture of me either!!

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just wondering said...

Hey Rev.,

Not a bad article. I`ve been following your blog and your sad story and I would like to hear you preach. In what Presbyterian church are you working Maybe I can come some Sunday.