Monday, July 13, 2009

Raise a Double-Double !!

This one is for Katie, friend and fellow blogger over at "At the Half Note" ...

In today's headlines, it is reported OVER and OVER and OVER, that the Canadian Institution Tim Hortons - a ubiquitous presence throughout Canada, including FOUR locations here in Brandon - is opening 12 locations in New York City ... 10 in Manhattan, and 2 in Brooklyn.

The CTV story is here - "Timmie's Takes Manhattan"

Come on Katie - track down one of the locales and hoist a Double-double and a maple dipped for us, and let us know if our Canadian Institution is up to snuff for the New York crowds ...


Anonymous said...

I bought shares in Tim Hortons when I heard they were going into the US; what a better choice than "Dumkin Donuts"! You know the saying: "put your money where your mouth is" -- pretty appropriate in this case, I'd say.


wendy said...

but wait..tim's is also closing a bunch of american stores b/c us customers are not taking to it!
so what gives?
supposedly folks in new york think the coffee is too strong. it may not be the same recipe we have here b/c that sounds odd!

Anonymous said...

well if they throw in a few addictive ingredients as they do here, NY will be hooked in no time. It's not all it's cracked up to be, especially compared to that of wholesome organic or fair trade coffee.. sorry, just my opinion


itzktb said...

I'll try it! Thanks, Rev!!!!