Saturday, July 25, 2009

A plea to our American Cousins ...

An open appeal to our American COusins:

In the last year you've come such a long way. You've elected an intelligent, articulate and amazing man as your president. The fact he is of African American descent is a bonus, his intelligence and wisdom puts him heads and shoulders above his predecessor.

Yet, there are still those voices among you who keep wanting to nominate Village Idiots for the highest office in the land ... has the Bush Administration taught you folks NOTHING??

For eight years George and his crew made the United States of America the embarassed laughing stock of the world. They completely eroded the global goodwill that came with the events of September 11th, and they pursued policy after policy that was not only questionable, but that frequently crossed over into the realm of the illegal. And now the same people who brought you the Village Idiot from Texas are trying to put forward the Alaskan Village Idiot as a possible candidate for 2012 ... (click here to read the story)

Please my American Cousins, stop this madness before it's too late ... the very thought of Sarah Palin being nominated as Presidential Candidate for the next election makes me want to cry ... you deserve better - like a SECOND term of Obama, followed by a back to back term with the second President Clinton ... if you're gonna make history, go for the gusto - a husband-wife combo is far better than Village Idiot books ends around the fine President that is Obama!!!

... meanwhile back at home ... when is Michael calling that election to get him the PMO's job??

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laughing pastor said...

Shwshh! Just as I announced my vacation....out of the state of Texas....I read your blog title....Texas is missing it's village idiot.

Thank goodness W is here. He gets the blame!

Palin will be the darling for the Republicans for sure. She is right up thier alley. You can't believe the things folks say about Obama around these parts.

He's spends too much money. really can say such a thing after the W era of insane debt!

He's growing the government. REALLY can say such a thing after the W era of huge government growth.

He's gonna take our guns away.
Really....God I wish he would....many who own guns are....well....I can't say they will shoot me!

Palin? Really? That's the best they can do? Really?