Monday, September 28, 2009

Gee I hope they don't stop by my office ...

Okay - let's put this headline story in context ... Calgary is grappling with homelessness, a downturn in the economy, and like the rest of us the deepening effects of a recession ... BUT, are these "good" church people concerned about ANY of those things???

Heck no ... they're in a lather because the Calgary Zoo has a BEAUTIFUL sculpture of Ganesh outside the elephant house in the Asian area of their exhibits ... and not a sitting Ganesh, but a dancing Ganesh, that is not only Good Luck, but is a harbinger of the blessings of the Cosmos. And this group of "concerned" Christians wants this lovely sculpture removed.

CBC reports this story here - "Dancing Elephant Stays, says Calgary Zoo"

In the meantime, I hope these guys don't stop by my office anytime soon ... my dancing Ganesh is standing alongside a sitting Ganesh, a tiny Kali, a Bobble-headed Jesus, an Egyptian goddess, a couple of Orthodox icons and a St Rita statue ... AND I've been trying to FIND a replica of this statue since I first saw it in Calgary a couple of years ago ... guess I'm a bad Christian ...

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