Monday, September 28, 2009

WTF???!!! - a HOMELESS Doll ???

Meet Gwen, the Doll of the Year with the American Girl Doll collection. Isn't she lovely ...
Here's what Abby Zimet over at has to say about Gwen:
Oh, capitalism. Mattel's American Girl - creator of obscenely pricey dolls for up to $158, with bed another $118 - is now marketing Gwen, a homeless doll. For $95, you get Gwen with aforementioned dress, long blond hair and dark back story - she and her mom, fallen on hard times, live in their car before making their vinyl way to a homeless shelter. A $95 doll to celebrate the sorrowful fact that, every seven seconds, someone somewhere in this land of plenty will reportedly lose their home. What next. One of our readers suggests calling Mattel (608.836.4848) or emailing and asking them to donate profits from the sale of "Gwen" to homeless shelters and food banks.
Here's what it says on wikipedia about Gwen's background story:
Gwen Thompson is a shy and quiet girl in Chrissa's class with large brown eyes and blond hair she lets hang over her eyes (before it was cut). She has no friends until Chrissa befriends her. The Queen Bees--Tara, Sonali, and Jadyn--refer to her as the Loser Girl and play mean and spiteful pranks on her through the book. The bullying disturbs Sonali Matthews and soon after Tara maliciously cuts off Gwen's bangs, Sonali leaves the group and becomes friends with Gwen and Chrissa.

Gwen and her mother Janine fell on hard times when her father lost his job; they later lost the house as they were unable to keep up payments. Soon after, Gwen's father left them and they became homeless the fall before the start of the book's events. Initially, Gwen's mother has them live in their car until the winter comes; she then takes them to Sunrise House, a place for homeless women and children. Sunrise House helps them get on their feet and eventually get a new apartment.
I dunno, but I think Zimet has a point ... capitalism seemingly knows NO BOUNDS ...

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Anonymous said...

The Gwen doll is actually not the gir of the year but Chrissa is(of 2009). The Gwen doll is homeless because her father died and her mother couldn't find a job. The reason they did this is to show that you can be friends with anyone even if they are not cool or poor. -Brooke