Monday, April 11, 2011

Today ... a step towards equilibrium ...

I started it on Saturday after my "shopping trip" with Ms H and three of her friends to Toronto ... to be clear, it wasn't really a shopping trip for me, it was more like that school trips that leave a bus driver to fend for themselves somewhere while the kids are having fun. I was the bus driver, and Yorkdale Mall was the desitination ... fortunately, the book store, food court and electronic stores had more than enough to keep me busy while Ms H and her posse roamed the mall.

Along the way, I browsed some books in the bargain section, checked out the latest summer reading, perused the various titles in the religion, spirituality and new age sections, and then bought a couple of paperbacks in the hope I might be able to regain my lost hobby ...

It has been MONTHS since I read more than a few pages of anything ... even newspaper articles have been a chore ... I find that I read a page in a book, then look back and wonder "what did I just read?" and find the page I JUST READ unfamiliar ... If I can't read a page, how could I expect to read a whole chapter, much less an entire book???

I've missed reading.


My pile of 'to read' books has grown beyond a single pile, and the list of titles hasn't managed to entice me beyond idly flipping through them from time to time ... I've even tried to INTENTIONALLY sit down and start reading to no avail ... but somehow, something changed this weekend, and I FINALLY was able to not only read more than a few paragraphs, but entire chapters, and then this morning, just before lunch I FINISHED the modest paperback I had bought on Saturday !!

It felt good to close the book and put it on the table knowing I had actually read it.

It was and is the first book I've read in its entirety since October 27th 2010, when I finished the latest Kathy Reich murder mystery novel ...

Today I feel like I've taken a significant step toward some modicum of normalcy !!

... and it feels great !!!

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