Thursday, March 12, 2009

Daring to think outside the box has become a theme for me lately ... a couple of weeks ago I offered the posting entitled "Boxes, boxes and more damned boxes" then I helped organize and facilitated a series of workshops and information sessions by Iain De Jong of the Streets to Homes Programme in the City of Toronto here in Brandon - I'm still distilling the information I got from him - stay tuned, I offer some reflections on what he said - AND I've offered the reflection the other day involving encouraging a penguin to walk like it is designed to, rather than trying in vain to teach it to fly ... Unfortunately, our world is geared to the safety and security of the status quo and remaining firmly inside the box ...

Fortunately, I remain an ardent advocate of getting outside of the freakin' box and exploring where things can and will go when we let our imagination run free ... Along that vein, the Wheat City Journal has published a piece reflection on the De Jong workshops and the need for creative, outside the box solutions to the problems being faced currently in Brandon. Click here to check it out.

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