Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hump day ...

In honour of Hump Day (Wednesday),
I've traded today's Hawaiian Shirt.
Instead, I've dug into my "closet"
and pulled out an
Egyptian Gallabiiya Shirt
that I purchased in
Luxor back in 87
when on a study tour of the Middle East.
It's not as a flashy as a Hawaiian Shirt,
but ...
... the day I bought the shirt it was well over 45C
and today's temp is a
(that's a 116 degree difference in F!!)
Tomorrow we return to our
regularly scheduled
Hawaiian Shirts


wendy said...

i remember many of you interesting birds on the trip wearing those gallabiiya's and me thinking it was well..funny. however you were all much cooler for wearing them...and by cooler i mean body temperature..hee!

indigo said...

now this I can totally agree with